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If you are the owner of a small business you will be faced with many demands on your time and resources and for you IT is likely to be a necessary evil to run your operations but not a key aspect of what your business does.

Typically small businesses use desktops and laptops to access email, documents and spreadsheets. They may have a local server to share files with colleagues, or may have moved this online, and they perhaps have a venerable printer churning out letters, reports and invoices.

clock iconWhat happens when things go wrong?

The risk to your business is of course when these things start to fail and as a business owner you may not have the expertise to either anticipate the potential problems or fix them when they do occur.

Blue Cow provides an IT management and support service that can help. We'll do an IT Audit of your infrastructure to determine where the risks are and put in place a plan to minimize or remove them.

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Once we've completed an audit we'll work with you to develop an IT Strategy for your business. This will include a plan to tackle any potential problems we've uncovered and include actions to mitigate them such as replacing aging equipment, obtaining software licenses, improving security or upgrading software. With your involvement we can tailor this to suit your budget and business priorities.

Your IT strategy does not just cover business risk and we will also look to include opportunities to improve your IT set-up such as upgrading systems, training staff or improving processes to make them run smoother.

management iconIT Management for Peace of Mind

Our IT Management service is not just about reducing business risk; we want to improve your IT infrastructure and processes so that you can get the best out of it.

Typically, we'll do regular on-site visits to provide friendly, face-to-face support for your company while working to deliver the agreed IT strategy. You get regular support and advice as well as seeing business risks minimised and tangible improvements to your systems. 

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help iconFriendly and professional IT support

When something goes wrong you with your systems you want it resolved quickly as possible so you can focus on your business. Blue Cow can provide on-site and remote IT support to help.

Support is included in our IT Management service but if you have a specific one-off issue you would like us to resolve, please Get in Touch and we'll provide you with a quote.

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world iconWebsite & social media

For small organisations who are looking to develop an online presence such as a website or Facebook page Blue Cow can help. Either as a one-off project or as part of our IT Management service, we can create a new presence for you or develop any existing pages or sites you have. 

Getting your own website need not be an expensive process and we can help develop a professional, cost-effective website and/or a Facebook page to help you reach out to more potential customers.

Having an online presence is one thing but keeping it engaging and interesting with fresh content for your customers and supporters is very important. Blue Cow can manage your presence such as; posting new news articles, publishing product updates and if needed, promoting your organisation with online marketing and email campaigns.

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If you are interested in any of the services that we offer please Get in Touch and let us know how we can help.

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