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Blue Cow has 20 years experience in providing IT Management and support. We pride ourselves on offering a friendly, experienced service that understands the pressures that small organisations face.

management iconWhat is IT Management?

IT management covers all aspects of a companies IT infrastructure so this would cover day-to-day support and maintenance, creating an IT strategy and developing and improving the infrastructure in line with business aims and goals. It can cover a broad range of topics which are covered in more detail below.

Typically, in larger organisations management of IT systems would be  handled by a full-time IT Manager and/or an IT Team. For smaller organisations employing a full-time member of staff may not be affordable or necessary given the size of the IT set-up. Blue Cow's IT management service is aimed at smaller businesses who want professional IT Management but on a part-time basis and without the same employee overhead. 

report iconIT Strategy

Simply put this is looking at the short- to medium-term business goals and making sure that the organisation's IT is able to meet them. In an example such as a business expansion the strategy would look to upgrade or introduce systems to cope with the increased headcount such as implementing a new email system or implementing a secure network link between the different offices.

An IT strategy would also look to phase out aged systems and upgrade existing ones to keep them secure and to make sure best technology is being used. This could also include training plans and the development of business processes to help you and your staff get the best out of your existing IT.

wallet iconAsset Management

As part of the initial management processes we would look to do an IT Audit and determine what IT assets you current have in use. The assets in use will then be examined: valuable assets could be security tagged; older IT assets would be marked for replacement. These decisions would be added to the IT strategy so the appropriate upgrades and disposals can also be budgeted and planned.

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screen iconSoftware Management

There is a substantial business risk to companies that use unlicensed software as it leaves them open to legal proceedings, substantial fines and could damage business reputation.

With IT management the status of your software would be checked and the appropriate licenses obtained. The software will also be regularly checked for patches and upgrades so that software vulnerabilities and bugs are minimised.

help iconIT Support

Our IT Management service covers all aspects of IT Support for your organisation, tailored to your particular business requirements. We typically offer an on-site visit each week, giving you face-to-face support in which we would tackle less critical IT issues and any system maintenance. This visit would be scheduled to suit with your business operations. We are also available during business hours for any email and phone queries. 

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head iconTailored for small organisations

Smaller organisations do not have the complex requirements or financial clout to employ a full-time IT professional but still require professional help with their IT systems to make sure that they are running smoothly.

We will provide you with the level of support you require for your business so if you only need us for one day a week, that's all we'll charge for. We'll schedule a day with you each week to do an on-site visit; fixing IT issues, handling queries and progressing the agreed IT strategy. You benefit from professional IT help to an agreed budget with a company that's looking to help you over the long-term, not just fix a problem and disappear.

If you are interested in talking to us about how we can help you, please Get in Touch with us.

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